Here are 73 questions about myself. This post is inspired by Vogue’s 73 Questions Tag.

  1. What did you find yourself doing a lot these days?
    listening to songs from many different indie bands, such as Jimmy Eat World, The Smiths, Smashing Pumpkins, Tame Impala, and Arctic Monkeys.
  1. What’s your current obsession?
  1. Can you make any predictions about anything one year from now?
    I think I’ll be working in a publishing company.
  1. What did you do on your days off?
    read a book, surf the internet, hang out with friends, sleep through the day.
  1. What are specific things you love the most about hometown?
    the view and the people.
  1. Name something you own that you truly cherish!
    my books.
  1. Name one thing you can never live without!
    my phone.
  1. What’s one hobby that you’ll never give up?
  1. What’s one hobby that you plan on picking up?
    dancing or playing a guitar.
  1. What do you want to say to your closest friends?
    you are the best thing that has ever happened in my life. thank you for giving me a chance to prove myself and for accepting me the way I am. I love you.
  1. What do your friends call you?
  1. What’s something about you that you wish people would focus on the most?
    my eyes.
  1. Who is the most fashionable woman you know?
    the Hadid sisters.
  1. What’s your must have beauty product?
  1. What’s one beauty trend that you regretted trying?
    shaving my arms and legs.
  1. What’s the worst fashion trend of all time?
    sagging pants and shoulder pads.
  1. What’s your morning beauty ritual?
    getting my skin-care routine done.
  1. Do you have a secret beauty tip?
    always do the basic skin care routine and drink a lot of water.
  1. Who’s your spirit animal?
    Demi Lovato.
  1. What is your pet peeves?
    people smoking around non-smokers.
  1. What scares you the most?
    being betrayed and underestimated.
  1. What angers you the most?
    people who act entitled.
  1. What makes you smile the most?
  1. When are you most happy?
    when I’m having fun with the people I love.
  1. What’s your favorite curse word?
    I rarely curse, but when I do I usually say “YUCK”.
  1. Where is one place you’d like to go and not be recognized?
  1. Do you have a secret hobby?
    stalking someone I have a crush on on social media. I do it often but not too much.
  1. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever splurged on?
  1. What is one favorite thing you’ve ever worn?
    a Kebaya.
  1. Whose closet you’d like to raid?
    Dian Pelangi.
  1. What’s your favorite movie?
    Camp Rock.
  1. What movie makes you cry?
    two days ago I watched The Space Between Us, and it made me cry sad tears.
  1. What movie makes you laugh?
    last week I watched Why Him, and it was hilarious.
  1. If you could only dance to one song, what song would it be?
    The Universal by Blur.
  1. If your life was a song or a movie, what would the title be?
    Never Fully Alive.
  1. What are three qualities you look for in a man?
    honest, funny, caring.
  1. Who is your celebrity crush?
    Justin Timberlake.
  1. Where is one place you wish to visit?
  1. What is your dream career?
    being a writer and a fashion designer.
  1. Describe yourself in three words!
    loyal, trustworthy, quiet.
  1. What’s a super power you wish you could have?
  1. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?
    when I got my university acceptance letter.
  1. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
    treat other people you wish to be treated.
  1. What’s the best song to run around to?
    any songs by PARAMORE.
  1. What’s your favorite thing to eat?
    grilled banana with chocolate and cheese.
  1. what is your first memory of life?
    my mom taking me to kindergarten.
  1. Who do you look up to the most in your life?
    my mom.
  1. What’s the good thing that you learn from your parents?
    that we should care for other people. we help ourselves by helping others.
  1. What’s one fictional character you want to spend a day with?
  1. Where’s one fictional place you want to live in?
  1. What’s the best gift you have ever received?
    my best friends.
  1. When do you feel most beautiful?
    when I’m comfortable.
  1. What’s a favorite song to blast in the car?
    Still Into You by PARAMORE.
  1. What’s your favorite word?
  1. What’s your favorite TV show of all time?
  1. How would your friends describe you?
    moody, awkward, careless.
  1. What’s your favorite emoji?
    dolphin and unicorn
  1. Who’s your favorite Disney princess?
  1. Do you always smile for pictures?
    yes. 90 percent of the time.
  1. Have you ever been in love?
  1. Have you ever cried because you are so happy?
  1. Do you want to get married?
  1. Do you want to have kids?
    of course.
  1. What’s your favorite season?
  1. What type of music do you dislike the most?
    heavy metal.
  1. Can you speak another language besides your native language?
    yes. i can speak English and a little bit of German and Korean.
  1. What’s your bad habit?
    spending too much time on social media.
  1. Where’s the furthest place you’ve ever been to?
  1. What do you think is a turn-off in a guy?
    a guy who smokes, speaks empty words, and is arrogant.
  1. What do you think is a turn-on in a guy?
    tall, respectful, funny, and smart.
  1. Have you ever been in an accident?
    yes. a motorbike crash.
  1. Do you think two people can last forever?
  1. What’s something you wish you have more of?