I’m never really into poetry. The reason is because I never get it right when it comes to interpreting poems. My lecturer always says that there’s no right or wrong in analyzing poetry, but there’s always one interpretation that is closest to the ‘real’ meaning of the poetry, the one the poet wants to convey through their poem. My analysis never fell into that category. Classic poetry are beautiful and challenging. The writings are whimsical. However, they also made my grade suffer. I studied classic poems from poets, such as Edgar Alan Poe, Maya Angelou, and many others when I was in my sophomore year of university. Then last semester I had a creative writing class which concentrated on poetry writing. I was devastated. I had struggled in analyzing poems let alone producing one. I couldn’t back out because the course was compulsory. Every session the lecturer asked us to write poetry starting from the simple one like diamante, acrostic, cinquain to more complicated poems like sonnet. We also had to perform our poems in front of the class. Other than that we were assigned to do group projects, such as alphabet aerobics rap and spoken word poetry. When I saw my friends perform in front of the class, I was amazed at their works. Their poems were various. Some were funny, satirical, sarcastic, and a few of my classmates also incorporated the old English language in their poetry. One of the reasons why classic poems are beautiful is because the language or the choice of words is sophisticated and precise. The diction are rarely of those we use in our daily conversations. Looking at the poetry my classmates made gave me hope that maybe I could pass the course with grace. Their poems were simple, more modern or contemporary. Although I had hope that I could succeed, the experience of writing my own poems wasn’t all pleasing. I could sit for hours and still came up with nothing or something crappy. In the end, I passed the course with an A in my pocket. Despite my lecturer being so generous and telling me that my poems ‘spoke’ to her and I had the potential to be a better poet, I was never satisfied. I didn’t like any of the poems I made. One time I was writing them and I thought ‘oh they’re fine.’ Then I read them again and thought that they were either too simple, or too mellow, or too lovey-dovey, or too pathetic, or too cheesy, or all of those. I cringed and felt ashamed when I had to read them in front of the class.

A lot of my friends fell in love with the works of Lang Leav. And on instagram I also saw many who posted Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey and Amanda Lovelace’s The Princess Saves Herself in This One. So when I stumbled upon the epub versions of the works from these three contemporary poets on the internet, I took the chance to join the hype and read their works. That was my first time reading poetry in the history of my goodreads because poetry is never really my type of genre to read. And the experience made me felt like I was cheating. I am used to reading novels which comprise of hundreds of pages. Although the works of the three poets also have hundreds of pages, their poems are short. The time it took to finish them was still quicker than the time I spent when reading regular novels. Therefore, I feel like I’m taking advantage of the whole experience to up my reading challenge which have been improving poorly because of my other activities that take up my reading time. In addition, reading their poems lead me to think that maybe my lecturer was right I could be a better poet. These three contemporary poets make writing poetry seems like an easy thing to do. They produce sentences and randomly hit enter to make their sentences more ‘poetry-ish’. Nonetheless, I appreciate the poets and I enjoyed reading their poems because they did discuss about important issues, for example, love, feminism, unhealthy relationship, violence, and others. Here are my goodreads ratings.





I mentioned earlier that one of the group projects I did for my creative writing class was performing spoken word poetry. Since then I like spoken word poems better than written poetry. Because spoken word poetry is in a ‘performance package’ or like when you’re making a speech, I think it’s more touching and emotional. Here are two of my favorites.

  1. Deeper Than Skin by Autumn Crew
  2. Perfect by Maia Mayor

Regardless of my love-hate relationship with poetry, I’m not completely shutting myself off it. I’m open to recommendations of any poems. ♥