funny, sweet, charming
laugh your head off
and be ready for the heartbreak

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In the early month of July, I saw someone posted a picture of Julie Buxbaum’s new contemporary book What to Say Next on instagram. The cover is really pretty and screams SUMMER. Not only was I stunned by the cover, but I also found the synopsis intriguing. So I decided to search for the ebook version online. I found one. Even though the book is not on my July TBR pile, I read it because I was curious and couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I’m glad I read it. The book was awesome.

This is the first book of Julie Bauxbaum that I read. I was not disappointed. The writing is fun and humorous. Despite the cover, the book has a lot of surprises. The setting instead of summer which readers would most likely expect is actually in winter. The story focuses on two high school teens facing their teen lives and problems. Kit is constantly in grief and depressed after her dad dies in a car crash. David is autistic and a genius who likes to sit by himself at lunch.


David reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. He’s like the teen version of Sherlock. He speaks like a robot. He’s very logic, and he loves science. He thinks everything is measurable and can be explained by science because “science doesn’t lie”. What’s alarming about David is that he has no filter and he’s very insensitive. He’s bluntly honest. So if you were ever to speak with him, be ready to receive whatever honest thoughts he might spill. He hurts someone’s feeling without even realizing it. Meanwhile, Kit is half Indian (South East Asian, not Native American), and she’s popular. What I like about Kit is that I think she’s brave, and she stands up for herself and the people she cares about. The clash of these two characters do a good job in their character developments. They learn each others’ weaknesses and how to deal with them.

When David says he’ll help Kit to figure out what exactly happened at the day her dad’s car crashed, I thought the book would be most focused on that and be like a mystery thriller or like when Sherlock solves crimes. However, that’s not true because there are other depressing issues as well. The events in the book are interesting. And I think about Kit’s dad accident the author foreshadowed since the very beginning that there’s something we already know but we just haven’t realized it yet. David and Kit’s relationship is sweet and genuine.


Overall, the story is of high school drama, family, love, bullying, mental health, and betrayal. I think a lot of readers will adore this one. There’s a giveaway of this book on goodreads. If any of you are interested, go check it out and participate! ♥