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How’s life? It’s been a while. Today I’m going to share my July reading experience. Thank God I was able to read so many books on July. It wasn’t as many as I’d planned which was 17 books, and I only read a few books from my July TBR pile. Nonetheless, it was still an accomplishment because I did 14 readings in total which was more than the half of 17. Out of those 14 readings, 7 of them were novels, 5 of them were books of collective poems, 1 was a short story, and the last one was a graphic novel of sort or a comic book. I will go through my July TBR pile. Then I will move on to the books I read on July but weren’t included in the TBR.

  1. These are the books that I have started reading way before July but decided to put it down for a while. I intended to continue finishing it on July but still I wasn’t encouraged enough to pick them up again and finish them.


A List of Cages was actually an-okay read. I’ve seen many reviews and a lot of them were heartbroken because of how sad the story was. I was already more than half of the total pages in and could see the potential of how gut-wrenching the plot would be, but it wasn’t what I needed at the time. I wasn’t in the best condition when I read it. It did make me feel less lonely and realize that there were many others who were more unfortunate than I was. However, it wasn’t that relieving. I eventually lost my interest and put it down.

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I listened to the audio-book of And I Darken, and I grew my dislike towards the female lead character (Lada). I just couldn’t stand her. Maybe because of her wildness or how bratty she was. And I didn’t like how the men in the household treated women. I know this was because the setting of the story was a part of the old time history when women’s rights weren’t as acknowledged as right now, but still. It wasn’t as bearable as watching Game of Thrones. Okay, that might be irrelevant, but yeah. I stopped listening after 12 chapters in.

Heartless was the first book about villain that I’ve read. It was actually fun, and I liked the world building. But I didn’t finish it. Why? I think it was because I wasn’t ready to witness the female lead character (Catherine) became cruel and begrudging, had her downfall and unfortunate ending. I stopped reading having those assumptions.

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Ice Like Fire, well, I didn’t know why I didn’t finish it. I guess I stopped because I didn’t get what I wanted on the first book and I wasn’t patient with the second book.

  1. These are the books I started reading on July but DNF (did not finish).


Oh! I was super excited for these two. The hype for Flame in the Mist was so high. Renee Ahdieh wrote the book the way she did with The Wrath and the Dawn. But there were too many repetitions (like a self reminder) that I felt unnecessary. Mariko contemplated things too much. She thought while doing nothing. I also kind of didn’t like the Japanese Empire setting. I got bored pretty easily.

The only reason I set Lucky in Love aside after only 80 pages in was because I wasn’t feeling it and was so tempted to read other book which was The Raven Boys.

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I really wanted to finish those six books I’ve DNF-ed. If any of you have any arguments that might convince me to pick them up again, please let me know.

  1. These are the books from my July TBR that I read and finished on July. YAY.


Geekerella | Lord of Shadows | Traitor to the Throne | The Upside of Unrequited

My favorite out of the four of them was Lord of Shadows. I just OH I love that book hands down. The rest I wrote reviews of them. If you’d like to check, you can click on the title. Below are some books of poetry I read on July.


For some reasons, I don’t really read poetry. But I think it’s time for a change. So, I gave them a try. I also wrote my conflicted feelings over poetry. If you’re interested in knowing why I don’t really like poetry, you can read it here. Although I’m not a big fan of poetry, I do sometimes write poems.

  1. These are the books from my July TBR pile which I hadn’t even given a glance.


I’d definitely love to read them. Which one do you think I should read first?

  1. Lastly, these are the books I read in July which weren’t included in the TBR.


What to Say Next was so surprisingly good. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like Everywhere and Every Way. It was too adult for me. The Raven Boys, oh, I have a love hate relationship with this one. I had a review for What to Say Next here. Reviews for the other two books are coming up in a few days. Below were two poetry books I also read on July.


No Matter the Wreckage was a bit lengthy. The poems were like in between poetry and short stories (?). They should be performed, spoken word poetry. Sarah is known for doing that, right? I think the poems will be more engaging and heartfelt if you listen to them rather than read them. Nonetheless, the poems are the kinds that give souls to everything alive or no. They remind you to be grateful every day.


It was a short story from The Wrath and the Dawn series. I like it, though the story was rather heart breaking.


This one is a rambling (?) with drawings. It was light, funny, and spot on. It was very relatable because what was inside were things that we experience every day.

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So those are the list of readings I’ve completed on July. I was pretty satisfied. Especially because I won’t be able to read that many books after my new term starts in a couple of weeks. I’m pushing myself to read as many as I could while I still have the time so I won’t fall behind on my readings when school/life tries to get in the way.

How about you guys? How many books have you read on July? Which one you loved and which one you disliked? What were some obstacles that maybe you had during your reading on July? Maybe you had a reading slump? I’d love to hear from you! ♥