Hi fellow readers!

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The day has finally come in which I gush about this phenomenal series. I’m so happy I finally read this. Even though I’m starting a bit behind, the hype is unending. Right? I have a mixed feeling about this book or the series in general. I’ve never read any of Maggie Stiefvater’s books before, and this one captivates me.

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I’m not going to explain the summary because I’m pretty suck at summarizing. The story is set in the world of psychic, and this is my first time being thrown into such world. I feel like I’m in between reality and fantasy or being in both at the same time but both world don’t blend together really well. I don’t think the author explains very well the layering of this magical world. I don’t get how magic works in that world. I’m confused, and I don’t know how to make sense of it all. Another thing is that Maggie Stiefvater’s writing style is very verbose. It needs extra time getting used to. I have to really focus and pay attention because the writing makes me get distracted easily. It’s like you’re reading the book, but your mind wanders somewhere else. And when it comes back, you get confused as to how ‘this and that’ happens and why things are suddenly like ‘this and that’. Am I making any sense? In addition, the story is progressing a bit slow. There really is not much going on until half of the book passes.


I love ALL the characters in this book, the boys and Blue. I think their characters are diverse and well developed. Gansey is so caring and determined. Ronan is bad but good (?) Adam is stubborn and so really wants to be himself, to be independent. But sometimes he’s frustrating. Noah is sweet and innocent-like. Blue is eccentric but very sensible. I like her style. I like Gansey and Ronan as brothers. I like Noah and Blue’s friendship. I like the five of them as a group and best friends. Most importantly, I ship Gansey and Blue. ♥

Despite that I don’t like the book for being slow I love everything that happens in the book. I love the adventures in searching for Glendower, the jokes, the rituals. They don’t really make your heart race, but they are fun to read.



To summarize what I mostly don’t like about the book:
– The world building. I need more details.
– The writing style. It was verbose.
– I want more thrills.

What I mostly like about the book:
– ALL the characters.
– The recurring events which are super fun to read.
– The complexity of the story which surely gets a lot of readers confused.



This book left me with so many questions, some of them are: (this may contain spoiler)

  • How many people were actually living in 300 Fox Way?
  • Why was Blue the only one in the family who didn’t have psychic ability? I mean, she did make things/visions more clearer for Maura, Persephone, and Calla, but what did that make her?
  • It was said that whoever woken up Glendower’s spirit may get a favor. How did a spirit grant someone a wish?
  • And Noah, not everyone could see him. Why was it only the gang and the psychic family who could see him? How transparent was he? I assume because he didn’t eat, sleep, and change clothes, how come the gang have only realized that he was actually dead until a little too late?
  • Where did Neeve go? How could she suddenly just disappear?
  • Whelk was dead. What happened to the body? What about the police who were looking for him for the murder of Noah?

With those questions in mind, it’s a bit hard to put the puzzle together and to make sense of everything. Maybe I get things wrong, and that’s why they don’t add up. Do those questions bother you too? Or do you know which one I got wrong? Let me know if you have your own theory!


All in all, I’m going to give the book 3.0 stars. For me reading the book was both torturous and fun. I have a problem with the writing style. So many times I thought I wanted to DNF the book, but everyone said the book was amazing. And I wanted to be a part of those who can understand why the book is amazing. That’s why I bear with it. On the contrary, I really have fun reading it. If it wasn’t because of all the lovely characters, I was sure I’d have the book thrown across the wall in frustration.

That is all for the review. Let me know if any of you have read the book and want to talk about it. Or if you haven’t, are you planning to read it? Well, you should! Good bye for now. I’ll see you on the next post! ♥