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I know it’s clearly written there on the title of the post, but it still doesn’t stop me from getting super excited to announce it to you myself!! Bet you’re ecstatic too and can’t barely contain yourself!

✨ over-pouring excitement ✨

🐦 The Raven Boys was GOOD.
THE DREAM THIEVES was another level of good.
Yess, I mean it was a whole lot BETTER. 🐦

And why was it better? 🤔

Well, more secrets were revealed. 😲
But all the more questions unanswered. 🙄

Let’s break it down, shall we?


“He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel, son of a dream and son of a dreamer.”

Ronan was a Greywaren! He was a miracle. Dream it and make it happen! PUFF! ⚡ How cool was that? But there’s always a consequence for everything. I mean, how real was he? How real was everything he had taken out of his dreams? If he was the source / the core of life of everything he had taken out of his dreams, Chainsaw and Gansey’s new duplicated car would be pointless/ held no purpose/ trash when he was gone. Such that was what happened with his mother when his father was dead, right? His mother was motionless like a robot with no batteries or a robot whose chip had been removed because her ‘creator’ had no longer exist. Shouldn’t Ronan and his brothers be half broken / half malfunctioned too? Surely, there were parts of their parents that made them what they were, right? 🤔

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“Dying’s a boring side effect.”

OHHH! And what’s with Ronan and Kavinsky?? I mean it’s no surprise, I had it coming since they started duplicating each other’s belongings. I’m glad things between the two turned out the way they were. I didn’t like Kavinsky. And for a moment, I thought Ronan and Kavinsky would become buddy. I didn’t want that to happen. 🙅

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The fight rescuing Mathew.

I had a hard time imagining how the scene played out. I mean, dragon? Did I read it correctly? Because my mind was kind of somewhere else when everything happened. And I was too lazy to reread that part to confirm what animal/beast/thing that was. The dragon was just spitting fire from its mouth? Where was it even actually happening? Wasn’t there normal people in the neighborhood? How would that look for them people? It wasn’t like they had invisible runes like Shadowhunters or anything.


“Ronan’s second secret was Adam Parrish.”

ALSOOO! I smell something fishy with RONAN AND ADAM. I hadn’t had a clue Ronan was the one helping Adam with his rent. It was so unlike him. He looked like someone who didn’t give a damn about anything. Even when the world was in chaos, I imagined he’d just lay in his bed petting and feeding Chainsaw and pretending nothing had happened. But that wasn’t true right? Even then, Ronan helped Adam when he was beaten to death by his father. Like Adam, I thought it was Gansey who helped. But then Adam realized it was Ronan. I still didn’t know though how Adam figured it out. 🤔

You know what guys? I shouldn’t even have acted like I’m surprised. Few days ago when I was still reading the first book, I accidentally spoiled myself. I was scrolling through my device looking for fan-arts when I came a cross a shocking fan-art of two boys hugging each other like they were in love.

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I was like “OH MY let’s not go there. Let’s not speculate things. Let’s not formulate a thought or take a guess who those two people might be (even though my conscience had already done it). Let’s just scroll-scroll-scroll and pretend it wasn’t there.”

Not long after that, I logged on to my Goodreads and BOOM!
Someone said “I need a pair like Ronan and Adam.”
I was……………….

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I had already kind of guessed it, but I wasn’t expecting it to be true.
Ronan was sure full of surprises.

Okaayy, let’s move on!! 💃💃

What I was mostly surprised of when Adam and Gansey went to the party was Gansey’s family. I never thought they were so caring and generous. I thought they were the typical cruel rich parents who always thought they knew what was best for their children. I thought why Gansey was so caring and possessive over his friends was because he had nothing good with his parents and didn’t feel belong with them.

Adam was so frustrating when he was being difficult. I admired his strong will to be able to stand on his own, but that didn’t mean he didn’t need anyone’s help. Moreover, it was his friend who offered. Wasn’t that enough to clear all the suspicions? He needed to start somewhere, and maybe that include being thankful for his friends.

The Hunt for Glendower, wasn’t it their thing? All of them, the five of them. I mean, Gansey was the one who initiated it, but everyone in the gang had their own role in it, right? Why did I feel Adam was suddenly wanting it for himself?

And what was with him having 6 hour or so amnesia? He seemed to be more and more pitiful. It had something to do with the Cabeswater disappearance right? I hope it wasn’t permanent.

“What do you want, Adam?”

Oh don’t even start. I imagined it was like being stabbed. But it was better than starting something with a lie. I’m sure he didn’t want it, and Blue wasn’t the type of person who’d lie and play with someone’s feeling either (hhmm I’m not so sure). So it was for the better that the two started to come clean with whatever they were feeling for each other.

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Who exactly was the Grey Man? I mean, we did know him at the end. But in the beginning, he seemed to appear out of nowhere. Attacking Declan, breaking and entering the Monmouth Manufacturing, went to 300 Fox Way, and even went to a date with Maura. I didn’t know why. But I didn’t like him. I didn’t trust him. I didn’t want him dating Maura and getting near the gang.

The ending though. Maura vanishing. Why do people keep vanishing?!


“I wish you could be kissed, Jane,” he said. “Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this.” He flailed an arm toward the stars.


This one made my heart swelled, my knees buckled, and my eyes brimmed with unshed tears. Gansey and Blue’s (I don’t know what to call it). Oh my GOD, it was sweet and heartbreaking. I wished they had made the mistake. But yeah, they wouldn’t do it to Adam. The whole time when Gansey and Blue were having the heart to heart talk, I was cheering and rooting for them but at the same time my sympathy went to Adam (even though for sure he wouldn’t want MY sympathy and would be angry instead, but hey he didn’t know). I believe things would work out with all of them. They have to!



You know what made me laugh the most?

YESS. That one. The one when the gang went to the lake and Blue jumped into the water to get what ever it was the sonar hinted. That was hilarious. Even Ronan was laughing. And the other was just baffled. I think Blue was kind of jealous and irritated with Orla. She was used to being the only female in the gang. Then Orla accompanied them because she was needed for being the adult. You’re awesome Blue! No one can beat you. 😂😂


Oh there was also Noah volunteering himself to teach Blue how to kiss. The first time was awkward, and they laughed it off. The second try, Blue thought about Gansey the whole time and it was sweet.

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The only thing that was STILL bothering me was the writing style. It’s Maggie Stiefvater’s trademark. It’s not like she’d change it just because there are people who find it difficult. So I can’t really do anything about it.

4 stars

Overall, I really really really like this book. I’m giving it a 4.0 stars. And I’d definitely read the next book. 😍

That was all from me today. It was more like a rambling than a review. But I’m happy to share it with you. Let me know what you think of this book if you have read it. And what should I anticipate for the third book? Adios! 😘😘