Last month, I was nominated for Blogger Recognition Award by Ash and Lo from Windowsill Books. ️🎉 I want to give them a shout out and express my gratitude for this honor. Their blog is very much worth your attention, so you guys should definitely check it out and don’t hesitant to click the follow button. 😉 I’m sorry it took me this long to finally do this, but I’m still excited. So, here we go. 💃



  • Thank the blogger who nominated you,
  • Write a post to show your award,
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started,
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers,
  • Select 10/15 other bloggers you want to give this award to and let them know you nominated them.


I had been wanting to create a blog pretty much as soon as I came to realization that I fell in love with reading. I had doubts. I wanted my blog to be perfect, but I didn’t quite know how to start nor to accomplish this perfection. I didn’t want my blog to only discuss about books, but it should also encompass my love for other things which happened to be fashion. So, I decided that I’d just make one on wordpress.

Then, after some brainstorming I named it Fashion & Fiction. I feel it was the most fitting because it’s pretty much self-explanatory in describing myself as its establisher and it rhymes. I didn’t write any posts until around one year after I created the blog. I felt weird and was hesitant to start posting. What changed?

Okay, this may sounds cheesy, but I started posting because I developed a feeling towards someone. 😂 Well, it’s more like an admiration. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this person, quite the opposite in fact. I don’t know why, but yes, I’m attracted. So, I can say that I’m a fan of this person. It turned out that this person also has a blog. The posts are mostly personal. Even though the updates aren’t always frequent, this person made it seems so easy to just share and pour your heart out to everyone with such honesty and rawness. I was encouraged. So, one day I started writing and posting more and more until my blog becomes what it is today. 😊


I’m not an expert on this blogging field because I’m still new to this and I’m still learning as well. However, two pieces of advice that I can share and that I have learned from being a part of this community are these.

First of all, make sure you own it. By this I mean you’re blogging because it’s something you love and you’re willing to take responsibility for it. Do not let the blog control you. You make adjustments that suit your standards so that you’re comfortable. Try not to feel pressured by numbers, charts, stats, followers, and stuff like that.

For me personally, I’m blogging because I love to and I want to do it. I’m always more comfortable speaking with my writing than my voice. I’m thankful that what I post inspires other people, is liked by them, and is useful for them. I’m also grateful for my followers, friends I’m able to get to know because of this community. Sometimes I do feel bad when I don’t post regularly. Sometimes I feel ashamed and discouraged that not many people enjoy what I write. However, I try not to let them get to me. I’m doing this for my sake. Everything else that comes because of it is a bonus.

Second of all, be authentic. If your posts are genuine, then they’re unique. If they’re unique, then people are gonna read them. If people like and appreciate them, then there’s likely going to be an interaction. You can write posts that are totally your idea or you can take inspirations from others and personalize them. Those advice aren’t exactly practical, but I hope you get what I’m trying to say. ❤️


Here are the ten nominees that I have chosen. Please do not feel obligated. I’d be glad that either of you or anyone participate, but I don’t force all of you to do it. 😉

  1. The Cursed Books
  2. My Life as Sports Fangirl
  3. Bright, Bold, and Bookish
  4. Romie We Deserve Love
  5. She Reads at Midninght
  6. Nerdy Talks Book Blog
  7. Angele Reads Books
  8. A Pretty Lil Book Blog
  9. The AU Effect
  10. Word Weaver


So, that is my take on this award. Once again thank you for Ash and Lo for nominating me. I hope today’s post has been enlightening in a way. The more others to join the award, the more bloggers receive the acknowledgements they deserve. Let’s share some of your thoughts on this award in the comments. What inspires you to blog? What are your struggles in blogging, if you have any? How do you cope with them? Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day! 😘