As I have informed you on my latest posts, I have finished my reading challenge for 2017. ️🎉 I aimed for 50 books this year and I’ve read 54 so far. I plan to read at least another 20 books because then the total amount of books I read accumulated since the time I started taking reading seriously will add up to 200 books. 📚

Therefore, for today’s post I thought I’ll show you some of the books that I want to cross off from my TBR before 2017 is over. The books in this huge TBR consist of popular books I haven’t yet to read, books that I had DNF-ed and would want to try to finish, and this year released books I’m most anticipating to read. And here are the books. 💃

Some of the physical copy of the books above are already on my shelf. I’m a little bit skeptical at re-reading the DNF-ed books. ☹️ The ones that I’m really really excited to read make up only 40% from the list. I’m currently reading Warbringer and They Both Die at the End. I’m not going to say that I will strictly read all the books on the list. I should account that sometimes I stumble upon random books that suddenly look more appealing than the ones on the list. And I’ll probably read them over the others. 😬 This TBR is just to help me narrow down my choices, so that I won’t be spending too much time thinking of what books to read next. 🙂 Right now my priority is to finish off 20 books, regardless whether they are from the list above or not. 💕